• Produced by Triggertrap
  • Reviewed August 24, 2014


Triggertrap enables you to use your iPhone/iPod/iPad to trigger a camera based on lots of different things, by using the built-in sensors on your iOS device. For many of the triggering modes, you can use the camera built into your phone, but if you want the full Triggertrap experience, hook it up to your SLR camera!

We are launching with 12 different triggering modes, including two different flavors of timelapse, distance-lapse, motion detection, sound, magnetism and vibration sensors, and even a facial recognition sensor. Of course, all the modes are fully configurable, to enable you to get trigger happy with your camera - in any way you like.

When you connect your camera to the Triggertrap Mobile App, you can also use automatic HDR mode, HDR Timelapse, Star Trail mode, and the manual long-exposure mode.

NOTE: To connect your iOS device to a SLR camera, you can buy a Triggertrap Mobile Dongle separately. See the Triggertrap website for a list of supported cameras, and for more information.